Success Story

Basinview Animal Hospital


Do you want to give your pet the best possible treatment? Of course you do - pet love is BIG love. If you want to find Halifax's best Animal Hospital, you need to check out Basinview!  

First of all - we were honored to do the signage for such a great company, they do fantastic work and provide the utmost care for your four legged babies at their new location.

We were originally contacted back in the fall of 2018 to assist with permitting, land use bylaws, and other logistical details for an upcoming project in Bedford. Sometimes, the process of putting up signage is dictated or restricted by the local bylaws. We always want to ensure our clients are happy with what can be done within the confines of what their community allows! After the planning was complete, it was time to come up with some concepts. At this point in time we only had some general CAD drawings of the development, so we had a meeting with all parties involved to narrow down the scope. Once we determined preferences, colour schemes, etc., direction was given to come up with a layout for the pylon sign that now sits at the roadside.  

Our own Keegan Durnford created the original design, and after a few minor tweaks and input, the final look was decided and approved. For the interior, Dr. Yvonne Giles had a vision for the examination room signs - so we firmed up an idea, built a prototype, and moved forward with these ultra-cool stud mounted glass interior signs. If you bring in your furry family member for a check-up, they'll write his or her name on it!

No project comes without its challenges. Here are a few that we ran into throughout this one: 

- Balancing client needs with municipal signage guidelines
- Coming up with a modern and refreshed version of their signage and branding that could be used on other marketing materials going forward
- Working with the client, project manager, and GC so everything was completed on time and within budget

All in all, we are very proud of how this entire project turned out. We want to thank everyone at Basinview for allowing us to be a part of such a fantastic project, and we encourage you to head to Bedford to check it out!