Success Story

Santé Centre


Santé Centre is a brand new, wellness focused building located at 50 Gary Martin Dr. in Bedford. Dr. Cindy Toner and husband Dr. Jason Plotsky have had this vision for some time and as of Summer 2016, their planning paid off and Santé Centre opened its doors! As chiropractors at Nova Spinal Care, they found themselves sending their patients all over the city trying to balance diet, exercise and a number of other factors to complement their treatments – the underlying idea with Santé Centre was to gather all of these services under one roof in a beautiful, welcoming, functional setting. After partnering with Drs. Chris and Phil Mintern at Alliance Dental this all became possible and construction started in May 2015.

In Santé Centre you will find: Nova Spinal Care, Alliance Dental Centre, Noggins Corner Farm Market, Parks Health, OneUp Fitness, Cortado Tasting Room and Bedford Naturopathic Clinic - these businesses were hand-picked by Dr.’s Toner and Plotsky to achieve their goal. 

We had the opportunity to do all interior and exterior signage in this building and we couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of this beautiful new build. On the exterior, you will see two sets of tenant channel letters for Nova Spinal Care and Parks Health on the right side of the building. On the left is a set of channel letters for Alliance Dental and branded awnings for Noggins Corner and Cortado Tasting Room. In the middle you will find the beautiful vertical channel letter logo for Santé Centre. Closer to Gary Martin Dr. is the 15’ Pylon sign containing tenant panels as well as a side logo and civic number.

It was our first project of this magnitude and working with Mattatall Signs allowed us to get professional advice right from the start. They were very thorough and combined their expertise with our designer's ideas to accomplish the look and feel we were looking for throughout the building. We are extremely pleased with how everything turned out!

Chiropractor - Nova Spinal Care

Dr. Cindy Toner

The interior signage was developed in tandem with Orr Interiors impeccable design. The building has been fitted with state of the art wayfinding signage to ensure clients can move seamlessly throughout the building and enjoy the views along the way. 

Halifax finally has a one stop shop for all of your health related needs, visit all of our friends at Santé Centre and see what it’s all about!